tv show intro

The task was to create a twenty to thirty second TV show intro for an original idea in about six weeks.

graphic Novel

Throughout the semester, we developed a single idea through sketches, character ideation, and comics. Our final assignment was to create a five page comic containing a complete story.

My Role

I wanted to use Psyche, my comic idea, for my TV show intro. I was already developing an idea (and had been for several years before), so why not create two pieces of art for it instead of just one?



Psyche takes place in the future in a city called Lewisville. People with superpowers, called evos, are becoming more commonplace - as are both superheros and supervillains. The main characters are clones with super powers, questioning the meaning of family and identity.

Sophie Dubois

Sophie is the protagonist, but not necessarily the heroine. In fact, she's a thief, and good at it. But now, two years after one of her friends was caught in the line of fire between Sophie and her enemies, Sophie uses her ill-gotten fortune to help other evos like her.

Maria Keen

Maria is a superhero, codename Victory. She is a clone like Sophie, but where Sophie became a criminal Maria joined a government agency called the Tenth Guard to become a superhero. Maria, one of the few people able to catching Sophie, is determined to bring her to justice.

tv intro development

storyboards v1

I was watching Orphan Black at the time, also a show about clones (although not with super powers). My first conception of this title sequence was very white and clinical, cutting between different body parts on each clone in order to show their differences and personalities. However, this wouldn't have worked well without filming it, and I didn't have the time or the skill to film this sequence.

My second set of storyboards was inspired by kid's cartoon intros. Lots of camera angles, always moving, lots of characters, and with a specific focus on each character. I really loved this concept. It showed a whole bunch of super powers and had really cool transitions. However, it would require a lot of character animation that I really didn't have the time for with this project.

I eventually moved on from my second conept, but not before creating more concept art art for it. During this time, I also started working with typography after choosing Pricedown for my typeface. As I was working with Pricedown, I noticed just how architectural it was...

I created a city made out of my type to let my two main characters interact with. Not only was this visually interesting, it was also very workable in my limited timeframe. I still had characer animations, but they were movements that could be looped over and over with amoderate amount of work.

additional art