Eowyn in Star Wars

One of my favorite characters in Lord fo the Rings is Eowyn, the shieldmaiden of Rohan. Lately, I've been very inspired by the Star Wars franchise, especially teh animated TV shows, and I wanted to reimagine Eowyn in that universe. Here, she holds a lightsaber - she's either a Jedi, or she wants to be one.

Arwen Undomiel in Star Wars

After I designed Eowyn as a Jedi, I wanted to continue designing Lord of the Rings characters in a galaxy far, far away. After a lot of sketching, I decided that the elves in Lord of the Rings would translate well to Togrutas. I wanted to make Arwen beautiful, since that is one of her characteristics in the books, but I also didn't want it necessarily to be the kind of beautiful that we saw from Liv Tyler in the movies. In this universe, Arwen is a galactic senator, and is very good at it.


Each year at Christmas, I draw some piece of art for my sister. This past year, she asked for a poster to hang in her new apartment. The choice of subject was pretty simple; my sister's favorite composer is Ludwig van Beethoven, who only ever composed one opera: Fidelio. This opera is about a woman who dresses as a man to go undercover in a prison to rescue her husband, who is a political prisoner in a tyrranical regime. The music is surprisingly cheerful.

Sailor Moon Fantasy

This past summer, a really cool thing happened: Sailor Moon got rebooted. Sailor Moon was my childhood. The new show, Sailor Moon Crystal, prompted a whole cycle of fanart from me. This piece was an attempt at redesigning Usagi Tsukino, the title character, with fantasy armor that's more useful than the typical fantasy armor getup for women. (AKA: You're lucky if you get a breastplate.)

Lamentation Tondo

For my class in Sixteenth Century Art and Architecture in Florence and Rome, we had an assignemtn to create a piece of art inspired by the art that we studied. I love circles, and we had just covered Michelangelo's Doni Tondo, so I wanted to try my hand at creating a circular painting. I drew the rest of my inspiration from Mannerist paintings, most specifically Pontormo's Deposition/Entombment.

Apartment of an Art Thief

We were tasked with creating a scene in Cinema 4D in my 3D class during sophomore year. I was already playing with my concept that would later become Psyche (one of my other projects), and so I wanted to create the apartment of my main character, Sophie. At the time, Sophie was an international art thief, moderately well-off, and quit ethe book collector. I modeled out most of the apartment, but ended up rendering out this corner because it showed her personality the best, from the shelves of books to the obviously-stolen artwork on the walls.

Golden Hour Pocketwatches

Another assignment in my sophomore 3D class, I modeled an textured a pocketwatch that I own to advertise a fictitious pocketwatch company. I learned quite a lot from this assignment, including how to create textures, placing instances, and combining 3D renders with other design elements in PhotoShop.