Constant, Homoe Ludens, 1966

Rethinking Utopia: Constant's New Babylon

6 weeks, fall 2016
Research, Writing

By examining Constant's project New Babylon through the lens of queer theory, I explore parallels between the imaginged culture of New Babylon, and seek to strengthen the radical nature of the work by questioning gaps in Constant's thought process.

Moonlight cropped

Viewing Plum Blossoms By Moonlight (the Moon Power Remix)

5 hours, spring 2017
Research, Illustration

In drawing parallels between themes of Southern Song painting and the popular anime/manga Sailor Moon, I give tribute to classical painting while updating the content to a more contemporary audience.

Etude comps fan


10 weeks, fall 2014
Concepting, Ux/UI, Prototyping, Motion Design

Etude is a music practice app that listens to tempo and intonation during a musician's practice sessions in order to track chronological improvement.

Espy home diagram


15 weeks, spring 2015
Team Manager, Concepting, Ux/UI, Motion Design

Espy learns about its user's interests by collecting location data and recommends events to visit at busy conferences through a mobile app and kiosks.

Teahaus universal comps


10 weeks, spring 2014
Concepting, UI/UX

Through a cross-platform mobile app, Teahaus's mobile presence educates its customers about different teas and how to brew them.

Psyche comic cover


10 weeks, fall 2013
Concepting, Illustration, Motion Design

Psyche is a story concept about clones with superpowers, developed through a five page comic, a TV show intro, and illustration work.