Interactive experiences across mediums


Making life as easy as possible for the user is key to my design process. Finding out what they're thinking and feeling at every part of a use case and then solving their problems in a useable way is what I like doing.

Art History

My research interests include digital graphics, Islamic art, and women creators. I believe that patterns repeat through history, making the study of art history relevant to exploring new media design.


Expressing stories that people feel connected to through illustration is a passion. I like to explore the storytelling capabilities of comics and motion graphics pieces, designing the most interesting story for each.

Etude comps fan


10 weeks, fall 2014
Concepting, Ux/UI, Prototyping, Motion Design

Etude is a music practice app that listens to tempo and intonation during a musician's practice sessions in order to track chronological improvement.

Espy home diagram


15 weeks, spring 2015
Team Manager, Concepting, Ux/UI, Motion Design

Espy learns about its user's interests by collecting location data and recommends events to visit at busy conferences through a mobile app and kiosks.

Teahaus universal comps


10 weeks, spring 2014
Concepting, UI/UX

Through a cross-platform mobile app, Teahaus's mobile presence educates its customers about different teas and how to brew them.

Psyche comic cover


10 weeks, fall 2013
Concepting, Illustration, Motion Design

Psyche is a story concept about clones with superpowers, developed through a five page comic, a TV show intro, and illustration work.

poster for Fidelio


2-20 hours each

Illustrations of original characters or characters from media that I'm intereted in.

Diane de Poitiers statue


8 weeks, fall 2014
Research, Writing, Translation

An eight page scholarly essay in French analyzing the iconography of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici at the French royal court.

13th Century Maqamat al-Hariri

مقامات الحريري

8 weeks, spring 2015
Research, Writing, Illustration, Translation

An examination of a 13th century illuminated copy of the Maqamat al-Hariri, the creation of 10 folios of my own Maqamat, and a short discussion of the Maqamat tradition in Arabic.

Emily Carroll: When the Darkness Presses

comics in a new medium

10 weeks, spring 2015
Research, Writing, Analysis

A scholarly paper discussing the new medium of digital comics and why it has the opportunity to be more open to diverse comics creators than print comics are currently.